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We Are Tifosi

Features & Benefits


Tifosi lenses are made with premium polycarbonate material that outclasses our competition. That means they’ll never buckle under pressure or shatter when you need them most. Your eyes deserve the best protection. Check out our latest.


Go for the bold. Build a pair of sunglasses that are uniquely you with the technical Tifosi features you need to gain the competitive advantage. Match your frame with polarized lenses, fototec lenses, or go with something designed specifically with your sport in mind. There’s no need to settle, additional lenses may be selected as part of your custom kit.


Just as you can turn down the volume on your music player, wearing sunglasses turns down the brightness of your environment, but your music player doesn’t stop there! It allows you to adjust the bass and treble of what you hear to a more pleasing level. Imagine if your sunglasses could do that with what you see!

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