Tifosi is Italian for enthusiast, a word that identifies our brand ambassadors. They make up a community that is united in a passion to perform, compete and inspire. Meet the men and women who carry our banner.

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Annie AdkinsAnnie AdkinsAnnie Adkins
Annie Adkins

Annie Adkins


Hometown: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Activity: Run, Bike, Fitness

Words I Live By: "If you believe in yourself, Anything is possible"

Reason(s) Why I Train: I train to stay healthy, active and to improve. I train to get stronger, faster and better.

A Goal that Stokes Me: to run an Ultra Marathon & qualify for Boston

Favorite Accomplishment: was running my 1st Marathon

Causes I Care About: Arthritis & Cancer

Why Tifosi?: a company that has high quality standards, backs up their glasses, and that are comfortable and made for all lifestyles & activities.

Troy BrownTroy BrownTroy Brown
Troy Brown

Troy Brown


Activity: Road running, trail running, ultra marathons, road cycling, cyclocross, gravel adventure riding.

Words I Live By: You’re doing it wrong.

Reason(s) Why I Train: I love the physical and mental challenge of a good hard run or bike ride.

A Goal that Stokes Me: Running a sub 3 hour marathon.

Favorite Accomplishment: It’s a tie between my sub 90-minute half marathon and finishing my 50k ultra faster than my 30 miler.

Causes I Care About: People for Bikes.

Why Tifosi?: Tifosi is the only brand I’ve found that puts up with the punishment I dish out on my equipment.

Chris CainChris CainChris Cain
Chris Cain

Chris Cain


Activity: Competitive Cycling.

Words I Live By: Sound body, sound mind.

Reason(s) Why I Train: To feel alive.

A Goal that Stokes Me: Training as hard as I can to peak for a specific event — and being in the zone during a race.

Favorite Accomplishment: Winning the Sea Otter Classic Criterium a few years ago. Prior to the start I dedicated the race to my dad who had passed away just a week prior. I actually didn’t know if I was going to race and at the start line I was a total wreck. I had been bottling up my feelings for days. And when I raced, I rode on pure emotions, leaving everything out on the course. While this wasn’t the biggest victory of my life, it carries the most meaning to me. I suppose that being admitted to the California Bar as an attorney ranks up there too.

Why Tifosi?: Value and quality. For years I have enjoyed the high speed red fototec (photochromatic) lenses for early morning rides in Pebble Beach, where half the ride is sunlight and the other half is in a drizzling cloud. The Marzens are my go-to glasses for hanging out at the beach or poolside, or just driving in the California sun. And more recently I have really come to appreciate the interchangeable lens options on the Escalates.

Jason CampbelJason CampbelJason Campbel
Jason Campbel

Jason Campbel


Hometown: Nashville, TN.

Activity: Mountain Biking and Trail Building.

Words I Live By: Go and Love.

Reason(s) Why I Train: To be better than i was the day before!

A Goal that Stokes Me: Winning an overall series podium in Enduro.

Favorite Accomplishment: Becoming a father.

Causes I Care About: Trail Building, Poverty, and Youth Programs.

Why Tifosi?: VALUE - the products work, and I always feel like i got more than I paid for. The podium XCs replaced two much more expensive brands for me, and I will not go riding without them!

Manuela Carbajo RéManuela Carbajo RéManuela Carbajo Ré
Manuela Carbajo Ré

Manuela Carbajo Ré


Hometown: Necochea, Argentina.

Words I Live By: Enjoy the present, Your only competition is yourself, Smile no matter what.

Reason(s) Why I Train: I enjoy it. I want to be the best version of myself. I love learning and facing the daily challenges at practice.

A Goal that excites Me: Win in LPGA//Inspire others to accomplish their dreams in what they love.

Favorite Accomplishment: Represent Argentina in the biggest amateur event: the World Amateur Team Championships in 2010.

Causes I Care About: Inspire young golfers to accomplish their dreams, Help young athletes to have the access to get better.

Why Tifosi?: Great quality, good lenses, light and comfortable.

Bryan CichonBryan CichonBryan Cichon
Bryan Cichon

Bryan Cichon


Hometown: Boynton Beach, FL

Activity: Running, cycling and swimming (in that order!)

Words I Live By: Live, love and learn!

Reason(s) Why I Train: Because I love to eat! Okay, not the main reason but a part of it. I like to feel healthy and love the feeling I get from a good workout. I travel a lot for work and it’s always great to see a city while running through it! Plus, I am lucky enough to have my fiancée as one of the best training partners and I need to be able to keep up with her in the marathons we run together!

A Goal that Stokes Me: The main goal I have at the moment is to run all the World Marathon Majors with a time less than 4:00:00. London is the only one left on the list I have yet to get into and run although my time for New York City was just over four hours so I’ll be back to the boroughs again too! Secondary to that is to train for my first Ironman.

Favorite Accomplishment: The accomplishment I am most proud of is completing my first 70.3 triathlon. I had barely trained for the swim but worked hard at running and biking and managed a time just over 6:00:00! My first 50 mile running event is a close second although that was more painful!

Causes I Care About: I ran the New York Marathon raising money for Team for Kids as I love that they give kids the chance to learn to love running and to stay healthy! I try to inspire those around me and that charity gave me an opportunity to do the same for kids I’d not even met. I’ll also run any races that raise money for heart disease or diabetes as I’ve lost family members to both diseases.

Why Tifosi?: Tifosi was the very first pair of running sunglasses I bought when I first started running in 2009 and I have been a fan ever since! I have very sensitive eyes when it comes to bright sunshine and living in Florida it was important to have the right lens to allow me to see well and Tifosi has always delivered. I often have to run at the end of the day in lower light and the Fototec lenses are perfect for those runs!

Rick DelaHayaRick DelaHayaRick DelaHaya
Rick DelaHaya

Rick DelaHaya


Words I Live By: Beast Mode On!

Reason(s) Why I Train: Pure and simple…I love to run…any distance. I may have slowed down over the years but I give it all I got every time I’m out on the roads.

A Goal that Stokes Me: Training for the next race! That and racing with my soon-to-be wife, Jodi Thore, also a Tifosi Ambassador. We hope to show that couples can run together and have fun doing it!

Favorite Accomplishment: Running the Little Rock half marathon six months after having Achilles tendon surgery. The surgeon told me I would never run again. Six marathons and more than 20 half marathons later, I proved him wrong!

Causes I Care About: Team Red, White and Blue.

Why Tifosi?: My girlfriend bought me a pair as a running gift. She says it was because she felt guilty about all the money I was spending on her so she surprised me one day with a new pair. That was a year ago and now won’t even consider going on a run without them or wearing anything else!

Dean DeTurkDean DeTurkDean DeTurk
Dean DeTurk

Dean DeTurk


Hometown: Fleetwood , PA

Activity: 3 Gun; Long Range Competitions

Reasons why I train: Never one to be satisfied with my results, I strive to improve so I can compete at the highest level.

A goal that Stokes me: Repeating as the 3 Gun Nation National Heavy metal Champion.

Favorite Accomplishment: Winning the Heavy Metal National Championship, a 3 Gun Nation Regional in Factory Division, and the Inaugural 3 Gun Nation Long Range event in the .308 division all in the same year.

Causes I care about: Teaching young people to enjoy the shooting sports and outdoor activities, making sure our nations veterans' and LEO receive the recognition they deserve for serving our country.

Why Tifosi? Tifosi glasses are simply the most comfortable and clear glasses I have worn in over 12 years participating in the shooting sports. Not only do I feel they are better than other glasses on the market, they are available to the consumer at a fair price that everyone can afford.

Ash DragonAsh DragonAsh Dragon
Ash Dragon

Ash Dragon


Allison FisherAllison FisherAllison Fisher
Allison Fisher

Allison Fisher


Activity: Ultra running.

A Goal that Stokes Me: Toeing the line at my first 100-miler in 2017.

Favorite Accomplishment: Winning 1st female at my first 50-miler.

Causes I Care About: National Eating Disorders Association.

Harvey GayerHarvey GayerHarvey Gayer
Harvey Gayer

Harvey Gayer


Hometown: Athens, Ga

Activity: Triathlon and Road Racing, Coaching

Words I Live By: Do your job and reap what you sow!

Reason(s) Why I Train: Train to eat and drink like a fat man while remaining lean. Setting a good example.

A Goal that excites Me: Seeing my athletes succeed excites me more than anything I do.

Favorite Accomplishment: Qualifying and completing world championships at Half Ironman and Ironman (Kona) distances.

Causes I Care About: Physically and mentally healthy children, #TriKidsGeorgia, Cancer prevention, Transplants.

Why Tifosi?: Value, performance, looks, feel, and local ties.

Emily GimpelEmily GimpelEmily Gimpel
Emily Gimpel

Emily Gimpel


Hometown: Lafayette Hill, PA.

Words I Live By: Faith, Persistence, Resilience, Positivity.

Reason(s) Why I Train: I train to be the best version of myself and to achieve my goal of playing full time on the LPGA Tour.

A Goal that Stokes Me: Winning a major on the LPGA Tour.

Favorite Accomplishment: Qualifying for Final Stage of LPGA Qualifying School in 2015.

Causes I Care About: Junior Golf Clubs Cancer.

Why Tifosi?: Tifosi sunglasses protect my eyes, allow me to play my best golf, and look stylish!

Rob GriffinRob GriffinRob Griffin
Rob Griffin

Rob Griffin


Hometown: Mesa, AZ

Words I Live By: “If you try to win, you might lose, but if you don't try to win, you lose for sure!" Jens Voigt

Reason(s) Why I Train: Because it gives me purpose....Also, I hate to lose.

A Goal that excites Me: Any goal that I set to accomplish and then train for said goal to get my best results. Currently, I'm training for the Police and Fire World Championship. It excites me to be able to represent my town, state, and country on the biggest stage (for public safety personnel).

Favorite Accomplishment: I have many accomplishments that stand out in my mind, but I would probably have to say my favorite was winning the 2010 Western State Police and Fire Nationals.

Causes I Care About: Diabetes..I lost my mom to this awful disease and hope some day we find a cure so no other family has experience a loss due to it.

Why Tifosi?: Tifosi sunglasses are versatile, stylish, and affordable. Also for me living in AZ, it's very important to have sunglasses that protect your eyes.

Steffi GriffinSteffi GriffinSteffi Griffin
Steffi Griffin

Steffi Griffin


Hometown: Mesa, AZ

Words I Live By: Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love. -Rumi

Reason(s) Why I Train: To keep up with fellow ambassador, Rob Griffin, my husband. Lol. I train to keep my body and my mind the best they can be for overall well-being, and to motivate others that you can directly change yourself to lead healthier and therefore more fulfilling lives . Whatever your goals are, you can achieve it.

A Goal that Stokes Me: 2017 has been a year of training hard to advance to Cat 2 Mt biking racing in 2018. This requires longer ride time, pushing my body past the hurt and outside my comfort zone. In other words, embrace the suck!

Favorite Accomplishment: In my first year of mt bike racing, I won the 2016 MBAA State Series Championship and USA Cycling Mt Bike AZ State Championship in my category while simultaneously racing in Stand Up Paddleboarding, either winning or on the podium for all of my races.

Causes I Care About: Athritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis as both my parents suffer from this. Arthritis is painful. It prevents us from leading active, healthy lifestyles. It means we are more likely to develop other serious illnesses. And it means we need to fight harder!

Why Tifosi?: No matter what the sport, Tifosi has a style that fits the individual athlete, while providing an affordable and versatile product with quick lens change out, and of course, making me look good in any and all sports I participate in!

Craig HalversonCraig HalversonCraig Halverson
Craig Halverson

Craig Halverson


Hometown: Council Bluffs, IA

Tera HalversonTera HalversonTera Halverson
Tera Halverson

Tera Halverson


Hometown: Council Bluffs, IA

Activity: Running and Yoga

Words I Live By: Those who dare to fail miserably, can achieve greatly! The most important thing to do is start on your own path and keep going no matter how many times you might fall.

Reason(s) Why I Train: I'm a mom of four kids and I train and continue to train so my kids can see how hard work and determination can help you get what you want in life. I want to be their motivation to try something new and to stick with it even if they feel like they aren't the best at it.

A Goal that Stokes Me: My biggest goal of 2017 is to run my first full marathon. I'm terrified when I think about it and that is exactly what keeps pushing me towards my goal.

Favorite Accomplishment My favorite accomplishment is hard to choose. Obviously becoming a mother to my children tops the list. I also chased my goals and finally landed my dream job (Culinary Instructor) but I'm also so proud that I pushed beyond my perceived limits and became a Half Fanatic after running 3 half marathons within a few weeks of each other last year.

Causes I Care About: Stand Up 2 Cancer. I think cancer in some shape or form has affected everyone, either personally or through a loved one. My dad has been fighting Stage 4 Lung Cancer for almost 4 years. I do everything I can to support Stand Up 2 Cancer because we have to work together to find a cure.

Why Tifosi?: I am obsessed with the quality of Tifosi. I want to be a fan of a product that is as good as it says it is and that is exactly Tifosi!

John HarrisJohn HarrisJohn Harris
John Harris

John Harris


Hometown: Dallas, Ga (current residence, Tn is home/where I grew up)

Activity: Hunting, competitive shooting, fishing, hiking and just being outdoors Words I Live By: If you’re not having fun with it, change it!

Reason(s) Why I Train: A very wise man once told me, the first day you stop learning is the last day of your career. I view training the same way. Be it training on the gun range, weight room or running a trail. You train to learn, improve, and find your edge in an effort to continually improve and not be accepting of the status quo.

A Goal that Stokes Me: To never stop being me. That may sound odd, but being genuine and you regardless of where you are, who you are with and the environment you are in is an incredible trait that I value in myself and others. My goal is to never lose sight of that or act otherwise.

Favorite Accomplishment: Making my first top 20 finish at a Major 3-Gun match in 2016.

Causes I Care About: I volunteer a lot of time with veteran’s groups, both through the veteran’s network at my place of employment and moreso personally. I am very active in support and assisting of the Task Force Dagger Foundation.

Why Tifosi?: Several reasons actually. Fit. I have a smaller profile and having a shield type frame that I don’t need a hat to secure on my head is a nice change in the world of shooting glasses. The HC red lenses really do make targets pop on the range, especially in changing background and conditions. I have had 3 eyes surgeries and understand the value of protecting your eyesight. Having a company that understand and is dedicated to true ANSI rating and not just a pair of good looking glasses is important to me. For years I have searched for a pair of glasses that were comfortable for 10 plus hours of wearing on the range while not prone to fogging up, especially in the humidity the south has to offer. The lens design of the Blockades delivered that and I was instantly sold on them. Lastly, with the inception of the Tifosi Tactical line, I saw an opportunity to become a parting in helping a company develop, grow and improve, something I strive on and genuinely enjoy.

Danielle HartmanDanielle HartmanDanielle Hartman
Danielle Hartman

Danielle Hartman


Hometown: Windermere

Words I Live By: Start each day with a grateful heart

Reason(s) Why I Train: To better myself as a person inside and out

A Goal that Stokes Me: Running my second half marathon postpartum

Favorite Accomplishment: Running 39 weeks of pregnancy

Causes I Care About: Healthcare Advocate for March of Dimes and Children's Miracle Network (I was one of those babies)

Why Tifosi?: Light, sleek, and perfect mold to my face. Absolutely fell in love after running with them on at my first race ever!

Jason HelmanJason HelmanJason Helman
Jason Helman

Jason Helman


Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Words I Live By: “Instruction is the ability to provide knowledge, Teaching is the delivery system & Coaching is ensuring that knowledge becomes learned.” It's truly important that players in sports receive top quality coaching along the way as they develop into athletes.

Reasons Why I Coach: I love what I do. I'm passionate about helping people. I enjoy helping people overcome their fears and reach their true athletic potential.

A Goal that Stokes Me: Watching any player succeed whether it be a 4yr old student or a tour player. Helping people is what I'm about.

Favorite Accomplishment: Putting a smile on that golfers face after they really crush it for the first time and seeing their enjoyment.

Causes I Care About: I care about changing people's lives. I want to see them succeed on every level. The mind is a powerful thing and many players tend to get in their own way from a performance perspective. This is always a tough step for athletes but they can overcome it. I enjoy helping out and supporting anything to do with cancer as it has personally affected my family along with any youth development programs.

Why Tifosi?: The quality and performance from Tifosi is outstanding both on and off the course. I couldn't be happier in partnering up with this fantastic company and look forward to a long term relationship supporting the brand.

Mike Van HoozerMike Van HoozerMike Van Hoozer
Mike Van Hoozer

Mike Van Hoozer


Favorite Athletic Activities: Running, Cycling, Strength Training, Triathlons, and Coaching my 5 boys in basketball and other sports.

Favorite Tifosi Optics Sunglasses: Talos and Slip for running and cycling; Podium XC for speed workouts; Jet, Duro, and Hagen XL for driving in the car.

Notable athletic accomplishments: Mike had his best racing season yet in the 2015-2016 season with 4 PRs, some age group placement awards, and achieving his top goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

2015 Half Marathon – 1:29 (PR, 6th in Age Group, 53rd overall) 2015 25K – 1:47 (PR, 6th in Age Group, 53rd overall) 2015 30K – 2:20 (PR, 2nd in Age Group, 42nd overall) 2016 Houston Marathon – 3:20 (PR, Boston Qualifier, 50th in Age Group, Top 8% Finish out of approximately 8000 runners) 2012 10K Turkey Dash – 42:35 (2nd in Age Group, 50th overall) 2013 10K Turkey Dash – 42:50 (5th in Age Group, 35th overall) Your athletic goals: Achieving a Boston Qualifying Marathon time and then moving into triathlon competition.

Your athletic focus: Running, Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon, Basketball, Strength Training.

Inspirational quote or self mantra: “Learn from the Past, Prepare for the Future, Perform in the Moment”

Place to train: Roads and bayous in Katy, TX, and Memorial Park and Buffalo Bayou in Houston, TX

Ricky HolbrookRicky HolbrookRicky Holbrook
Ricky Holbrook

Ricky Holbrook

Trail Running

Hometown: Bountiful, Utah

Activity: Trail and Ultra Runner

Words I Live By: Run. Breathe. Feel.

Reason(s) Why I Train: I train to race obviously…but the races are meant to prepare me for Adventure Running. The perfect weekend for me would involve running 70 miles, climbing 15,000 feet and bagging a few peaks along the way.

A Goal that Stokes Me: Wasatch Front 100 Mile Endurance Run, or the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim!

Favorite Accomplishment: Watching my son wake up from a series of brain surgeries. He’s a miracle.

Causes I Care About: My boys and I love working with the local homeless population in Salt Lake City.

Why Tifosi?: I can’t live without my Tifosi Radius glasses. I’ve been wearing them for two years. They outperform anything I’ve ever used.


David HornDavid HornDavid Horn
David Horn

David Horn


Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama

Activity: 3 Gun and Practical shooting sports

Words I Live By: How will I be better tomorrow?

Reason(s) Why I Train: Success is often a result of effort. I train so I that I know I've put forth the effort to be successful. For me it's as much about confidence as it is about preparedness.

A Goal that Stokes Me: Really, just continuous improvement. Always be moving forward in whatever I'm doing.

Causes I Care About: Task Force Dagger Foundation

Why Tifosi?: In our sport, optical clarity is paramount with impact resistance being a close second. Tifosi delivers in both areas, not to mention they are an amazing value and they look pretty cool!

Jeff HuxholdJeff HuxholdJeff Huxhold
Jeff Huxhold

Jeff Huxhold


Home - Reno, NV

Activity - Distance runner (Road & Trail), OCR pro athlete, Ultra trail runner

Words I live by - "Do or do not, there is no try"! - Yoda

Reasons why I train - I train because that's really all I've ever know since middle school. Whether it be for cross country, college basketball, marathons, or Spartan racing...I train to stay in shape and compete at the highest possible level.

A goal that stokes me - that would be winning the Spartan World Championships! Not very realistic but doable. A more reasonable goal would be to win a Spartan race in 2017.

Favorite accomplishment - being a father and being with my wife for almost 16 years! Running...? There's a couple. Placing 2nd at the Disneyland half marathon, finishing 8th overall at the St. George Marathon in a time of 2:28, my first podium finish in Spartan racing, running for Skechers Performance for the past 5 years, and running for Tifosi Optics for the past 2 years!

Causes I care about - childrens fitness/health programs in school. To think that some schools don't even offer PE anymore or it's an elective makes me sick. It was never an option when I was in school, it's just what you did. And the crap the schools feed the kids is sad. We have an 8 year old in 2nd grade and his school options for food are awful. 90% of the time we pack him a lunch.

Why Tifosi - Well since I've been wearing them and representing them for the past 2 years, I've worn nothing else. Training, racing, casual...you name it, there's eyewear for any occasion. I love the variety of styles for both men and women and I especially love the photo optic lenses. They're comfortable and never slip no matter what the conditions are outside!

Matthew KoopikkaMatthew KoopikkaMatthew Koopikka
Matthew Koopikka

Matthew Koopikka


Hometown: Metamora, Michigan.

Activity: Three Gun, USPSA, Action Shooting.

Words I live by: Talent is a function of dedication and hard work.

Reasons why I train: Training, preparation, and performance on demand are the three keys to victory, and the first two are done off the clock.

A goal that stokes me: Claiming the 3GN Pro Series Title.

Favorite Accomplishment: Taking 1st place in the Nordic/Vortex Tri-Gun National Championship.

Causes I care about: The Ryan Rocks!!! Outdoor Adventures charity organization. Ryan Rocks!!! Takes kids that have been diagnosed with cancer and their families out of the hospital and into the great outdoors.

Why Tifosi: Tifosi optics have the great clarity and fog resistance that a shooter needs to keep sharp sight focus in adverse conditions.

Joe LeenheerJoe LeenheerJoe Leenheer
Joe Leenheer

Joe Leenheer


Hometown: Akron, OH

Words I Live By: "Preparation is the key to success."

Reason(s) Why I Train: To be better prepared for the next challenge whatever it may be.

A Goal that Stokes Me: The next shot. In golf it's all about the moment. One Swing. Knowing 1000's of balls that I've hit.

Favorite Accomplishment: First and foremost my family. Voted a Golf Digest "Best in State" Instructor in 2015. Two time winner of the NOPGA Bill Strausbaugh Award.

Causes I Care About: Inspiring and mentoring others to accomplish their goals.

Why Tifosi?: I love ALL sports. Tifosi is a brand that has no boundaries and I love that. Whether you are on the course, court, track, trail, beach, mountain, or road, Tifosi products are for any activity or lifestyle.

Eamon LucasEamon LucasEamon Lucas
Eamon Lucas

Eamon Lucas


Words I Live By: “Life is either an incredible adventure or it’s nothing at all.” – Hellen Keller

Reason(s) Why I Train: To win!

A Goal that Stokes Me: While I am in the sport of cycling I want to race hard and be remembered for that. After my time as a cyclist I want to give back to the sport that gave so much to me.

Favorite Accomplishment: There is too many to pin point. But I would have to say being able to pay my bills by peddling a bike is really something special!

Causes I Care About: Canary Foundation (early cancer detection).

Why Tifosi? I have been an Athlete who has been with Tifosi for some years now. The support they provide for their athletes is awesome and the people who make up the company are fantastic to work with!

Matthew MitchellMatthew MitchellMatthew Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell

Matthew Mitchell


Hometown: Catoosa Oklahoma, Currently Live in Gainesville, FL

Activity: Pro Competitive Shooter

Words I Live By: Consistency and Repeatability Equals Success

Reason(s) Why I Train: The reason I train is to be the best on any range that I go to. I train hard to represent the companies that support me to the best of my abilities. When I win a title its not only my win, its a win that is shared through all of my sponsors.

A Goal that Stokes Me: My most important goal to reach is to represent the United States at the World Shoot 2020.

Favorite Accomplishment: I would say that my favorite accomplishment was from the 2016 Monster Match. I was able to win High Overall for the competition against some of the best shooters in the world.

Causes I Care About: I really love helping new shooters get into the sports. Junior shooters are the future of the sport, so helping junior shooters gain knowledge in the sport as well as firearms safety is a cause that is paramount.

Why Tifosi?: Tifosi products are of the highest standards and quality that I have looked for in eyewear and eye protection. The color contrast that the variety of different lenses produce, makes all shapes and images clear, sharp, and easy to see. I love the way you can change lenses out without ever having to put your fingers on the lenses and putting fingerprints on them. It makes it easier on the range when I can simply switch lenses and get back to work.

Nick MolinaNick MolinaNick Molina
Nick Molina

Nick Molina


Hometown: Clarkston, MI

Activity: 3Gun/Multigun, USPSA

Words I Live By: Never settle.

Reason(s) Why I Train: To continue to progression in the shooting community and to constantly push myself to the next level.

A Goal that Stokes Me: To win a major match.

Favorite Accomplishment? Taking a long range stage win at a major match. Living in Michigan hinders my ability to practice past 100 yards, so winning a stage that had shots out to 425 yards was something I had been chasing for the last couple years.

Causes I Care About? Ryan Rocks Outdoor Adventures and Task Force Dagger are the two charities I have worked with since I started shooting.

Why Tifosi? I had been searching for a company that offers a wide range of adjustability to get the glasses to fit correctly and interchangeable lenses while maintaining an affordable price. Tifosi delivered, not only for shooting glasses but also for day to day use.

Luc MorinLuc MorinLuc Morin
Luc Morin

Luc Morin


Hometown: Montreal, Canada & Sonoma, California.

Activity: Triathlon Coach.

Words I Live By: “Treat your athletes the way you would have liked to be treated “

Reason(s) Why I Train: To provide the proper support to achieve one’s goal.

A Goal that Stokes Me: Working with developing Olympians.

Favorite Accomplishment: developing a sustainable.

Causes I Care About: http://www.maliacrushescancer.com/

Why Tifosi? Standing for excellence / and Italian design flair.

Hanna MueggeHanna MueggeHanna Muegge
Hanna Muegge

Hanna Muegge


Hometown: Tübingen, Germany

Activity: Cycling, Running, Triathlon

Words I Live By: What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

Reason(s) Why I Train: I love to feel fast and ready to make the racing hard.

A Goal that Stokes Me: Go to the Olympics

Favorite Accomplishment: Becoming the 2007 Minnesota High School State High Jump Champion, Playing for the German National Basketball Team, Winning the 90-mile Chico Stage Race Road Race (Stage 2)

Causes I Care About: Improving city infrastructure, ocean conservation, healthy nutrition

Why Tifosi?: My Tifosi racing glasses make me feel invincible on race days. Once they are on, I mean business. When it’s time to head to work the next day, I rock the casuals with class and style. It’s the all-round eyewear brand for a wholesome person like me.

Clint OwensClint OwensClint Owens
Clint Owens

Clint Owens


Activity: Running, trail running, fitness.

Words I Live By: Live in the present with future goals, be a positive influence for those around you.

Reason(s) Why I Train: To be a healthy example for my kids and to fuel the competitive fire.

A Goal that Stokes Me: After running multiple marathons, I will be running my first trail Ultramarathon this fall in October (Palo Duro 50K).

Favorite Accomplishment: Finishing the 2016 Oklahoma City Memorial Half Marathon in 1:36 after returning from an injury.

Causes I Care About: MDA, I lost a cousin to this disease at an early age, I often think of him on my runs and how blessed I am to be able to do what I do.

Why Tifosi?: Several reasons: clarity, style, and affordability. I can have several pairs for multiple activities without breaking the bank. The Swivellink technology and interchangeable lenses allow for versatility no matter what the sport or lighting conditions.

 Rick Paradis Rick Paradis Rick Paradis
 Rick Paradis

Rick Paradis


Words I Live By: “Determination is not a well-kept secret. It is only scarce because few are willing to exert the energy.”

Reason(s) Why I Train: Running is my passion and the roads, trails, woods, and mountains are where I can explore that passion. That passion allows me to develop into the runner I want to be.

A Goal that Stokes Me: Running at the front of the pack.

Favorite Accomplishment: My first 10k race when I was in 5th grade. From there I knew I would run forever.

Causes I Care About: Being responsible to nature’s playground.

Why Tifosi?: When you push hard and the elements push back you have to be able to count on your tools to stand up to the demand. Tifosi Optics meets my demands and allows me to explore.

Stephanie PiStephanie PiStephanie Pi
Stephanie Pi

Stephanie Pi


Words I Live By: “The only thing that works is WORK”

Reason(s) Why I Train: I love the feeling of accomplishment and competing against myself. Running makes me happy.

A Goal that Stokes Me: A Sub-3 hour marathon!

Favorite Accomplishment: Shaving 31 minutes off of my marathon finish time with a lot of hard work. It really does feel awesome to see hard work pay off!

Causes I Care About: Marine Conservation and Animal Welfare

Why Tifosi?: Tifosi has amazing-looking sunglasses and I love it’s support for the running and cycling community!

Maria PikeMaria PikeMaria Pike
Maria Pike

Maria Pike


Activity: Running and Weightlifting.

Words I Live By: Be Nice, Work Hard.

Reason(s) Why I Train: I train to be a stronger mother and role model for my daughter, both physically and mentally.

A Goal that Stokes Me: Training for my first marathon in four years.

Favorite Accomplishment: Completing my first race when I embraced running, the Army Ten Miler in the fall of 2009.

Causes I Care About: Childhood Obesity, Mental Health and Wellness

Why Tifosi?: I love the super-fan approach of Tifosi and the embracing of all sports and fitness activities through their eyewear.

Martha RMartha RMartha R
Martha R

Martha R


Hometown Kerrville texas

Words I Live By- Mind over matter

Reason Why I Train - I am a mother and wife full time working parent . I want inspire people you can have a healthy lifestyle. You don't have to give up on goals anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Favorite Accomplishment- Doing my first triathlon. I had a fear of the river. I had overcome my fear and finished my race. I placed 12th in my age group. My first time I did a event. After 2 years of training.

Cause I Care About- I care about my family, my friends, my followers everyone who encourage, and support me. I give them the same support back. I give those who don't ask for support More support. I love shining my light to others.

Why Tifosi? - I wanted to try something new. I also like the sporty style.

Heather ShultzHeather ShultzHeather Shultz
Heather Shultz

Heather Shultz


Hometown: Fall River WI.

Words I Live By: “Impossible is just a big word thrown around by small men who find it easier to live in the world they’ve been given than to explore the power they have to change it. Impossible is not a fact. It’s an opinion. Impossible is not a declaration. It’s a dare. Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.” ~Muhammad Ali

Reason(s) Why I Train: I train for me. When you are a wife and a full time working mother of three, you need to be selfish every once in awhile and do something for yourself. Running makes me a better person and the health benefits are huge as well!

A Goal that Stokes Me: As my children get older, my goal is to travel to other countries and run marathons while we are there! The majority of our family vacations include races 🙂

Favorite Accomplishment: Running the 2016 Boston Marathon!! …which I will be making a second appearance at in 2017!

Causes I Care About: My Team Triumph is a favorite organization of mine. mTT allows people of all ages and disabilities to race in road races and triathlons with the use of special chairs and boats which allows athletes, which we call “Angels” to push or pull their “Captains”. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out! I was given the ability to run and love to share it with those who can’t.

Why Tifosi? I bought my first pair of Tifosi glasses two years ago. I am extremely picky when it comes to what I can and can’t wear while I am running. Tifosi glasses are comfortable, they stay in place and do not bounce…and they look good too!

Heather SchulzHeather SchulzHeather Schulz
Heather Schulz

Heather Schulz


Words I Live By: Never give up, never give in!

Reason(s) Why I Train: I train for many reasons! Running is my escape, My therapy, my purpose, my joy! I train to be fast and because I love the feeling of running fast and winning races!

A Goal that Stokes Me: Breaking 2:50 for the marathon.

Favorite Accomplishment: 3rd overall finish in the Disney marathon with a PR of 2:54:41

Why Tifosi? Tifosi sunglasses are light, they don’t bounce and they are stylish! Also living in Florida, its important to protect the eyes!!!

Kristen ScruggsKristen ScruggsKristen Scruggs
Kristen Scruggs

Kristen Scruggs


Hometown: ​ Grew up in Nashville, TN but have lived in Orlando, FL since 2006​

Activity: ​ 8 marathons so far but getting into triathlons ​​

Words I Live By: ​The dream is free. The hustle is sold separately. ​​

Reason(s) Why I Train: ​To challenge myself and to do hard things and show my 2 baby girls anything is possible when you set your mind to it​​

A Goal that Stokes Me: ​140.6 Ironman!! ​But first...70.3 ;-)​

Favorite Accomplishment: ​Running the Boston Marathon, time for #3 this spring ​​

Why Tifosi?: ​ They were the first pair of running specific sunglasses I ever bought back in 2011​

www.orlandorunningcoach.com ​

Jessica SnigirJessica SnigirJessica Snigir
Jessica Snigir

Jessica Snigir


Words I Live By: “Don’t be afraid to dream of achieving the impossible” – Shalane Flanagan

Reason(s) Why I Train: I started running shortly after my daughter was born. I had post-partum depression and set a goal of running a half-marathon, as a stress-reliever and because I needed something else to focus on. I got hooked! These days, I continue to run to model an active lifestyle and to show her that hard work and perseverance pay off.

A Goal that Stokes Me: I always have a goal to get faster, but my end goal is to be a lifelong runner and active into old age.

Favorite Accomplishment: Qualifying for and running my first Boston Marathon in 2016.

Causes I Care About: As a mother, childhood obesity is something I care deeply about. Eating disorder awareness is important to me because I suffered from anorexia in my late-teens/early-20’s.

Why Tifosi?: I found Tifosi while searching for running sunglasses several years ago. I couldn’t find something that looked good and also didn’t cost a fortune (I’d rather spend my money on running shoes and race entries!) I found Tifosi Optics at my local running store and was impressed by the look, quality, and options (interchangeable lenses!) at a great price-point. I wear Tifosi for all of my daytime runs and love how I can change out the lenses depending on the light. They always stay on my face, don’t fog up, and allow me to keep my face relaxed, thereby conserving energy.

John SpreitzerJohn SpreitzerJohn Spreitzer
John Spreitzer

John Spreitzer


Hometown: Troy, MI

Activity: 3-gun and USPSA.

Words I Live By: Play hard and work even harder.

Reason(s) Why I Train: Because thinking about it is so much harder than just doing it.

A Goal that Stokes Me: My goal is to have consistent top 10 finishes at Major 3 -gun matches this season.

Favorite Accomplishment: My favorite accomplishment is definitely my family. My favorite shooting accomplishment is making it to the 3GN Pro-Series qualifier.

Causes I Care About: I have been involved in raising money for the winter special Olympics for over 15 years.

Why Tifosi?: I see a need in the market for high quality shooting glasses at an affordable price. After trying on a few pairs of Tifosi glasses I was hooked.

Sara TSara TSara T
Sara T

Sara T


Hometown: Danville, VA

Words to Live By: "To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift." - Steve Prefontaine

Reasons Why I Train: I started running as a way to stay in shape but it has become so much more than that. I now run because it's my escape. It's my joy. I run to chase goals and to improve. To push my body beyond its limits and prove just how much it can do. As a new Mom I now run to show my son how important it is to be active and go after your goals - no matter how big they may seem. To teach him to truly dream BIG!

A Goal That Stokes Me: My current goal I'm chasing is to run the Boston Marathon at 4 months postpartum. Once I've accomplished that on April 17th, I'll be focusing on continuing to chase my marathon PR. I'd love to break 3:15 and then one day my dream is to break 3:00 hours. I've got a long way to go but I keep chasing those dreams every day.

Favorite Accomplishments: First and foremost is my son - he's pretty awesome! When it comes to running - cutting 1 hour and 9 minutes off my marathon PR in one training cycle and qualify for the Boston Marathon! I work each and every day to keep chasing new accomplishments!

Causes I Care About: I love empowering women to go after their dreams. That is why I document all my training on my blog and social media. I ran through my pregnancy and postpartum and want to show women that even as a Mom you don't have to let go of your dreams. Keep training, keep focused, and you can still accomplish anything you set your mind to!

Why Tifosi: Tifosi stands for all that I do. They encourage their athletes to chase big dreams. They also provide a superior product for the athlete that goes out there every day to chase their dreams.

Joshua TarrantJoshua TarrantJoshua Tarrant
Joshua Tarrant

Joshua Tarrant


Activity: 3Gun/Multigun Shooting Sports.

Words I Live By: There is no substitute in life for hard work.

Reason(s) Why I Train: To continue to push myself to be better.

A Goal that Stokes Me: Reaching the upper echelon of the sport.

Favorite Accomplishment: Bringing new talented people into the sport.

Causes I Care About: 2nd Amendment Rights.

Why Tifosi? Tifosi has a reputation of quality and diverse products.

Jodi ThoreJodi ThoreJodi Thore
Jodi Thore

Jodi Thore


Hometown: Panama City FL

Reason(s) I Train: I paid for it!! Being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and having my energy plummet at times, the fact that I have signed up for an event keeps me accountable!! I guess, I should have said for the health of it!!

A Goal that Stokes Me: I have the idea of someday running an Ultra, all the miles in one day!!

Favorite Accomplishment: Gasparilla Ultra Challenge 2016, 30.4 miles over 2 days. A 15k and 5k on Saturday, Half Marathon and 8k on Sunday. Going back in 2017!!

Causes I care about: Team RWB!! Being retired Air Force, this team is near and dear to my heart.

Team RWB’s mission is to enrich the lives of America’s veterans by connecting them to their community through physical and social activity.

Why Tifosi?: Well, the cool factor of course!! But…with a pingueculae (a small raised patch close to the cornea caused by exposure to sunlight, dust, or wind) on my right eye Tifosi has me covered!! I prefer larger lenses that help to block the wind, not to mention the UVA/UVB protection and Glare Guard!!

Rusty WallaceRusty WallaceRusty Wallace
Rusty Wallace

Rusty Wallace

Mountain Biker

Hometown: Athens, GA

Activity: Cat 1 Endurance Mountain Biking, NICA Head Coach

Words I Live By: "Do your best”, & "Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage." ~ Anais Nin

Reason(s) Why I Train: To progress, achieve goals, to see what I am capable of, and reach my full potential

A Goal That Stokes Me: Sub-9hr Leadville 100 finish

Favorite Accomplishment: 2016 & 2017 Southeastern Endurance Cup 3Hr Singlespeed Champion

Causes I Care About: NICA, IMBA-SORBA, People For Bikes

Why Tifosi?: Excellent glasses that work well and look great, at an incredible value!

Carter WarrenCarter WarrenCarter Warren
Carter Warren

Carter Warren

Activity: Mountain biking/Adventuring.

Words I Live By: I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul.

A Goal that Stokes Me: Racing internationally.

Favorite Accomplishment: 3rd in the Pan Am Single Speed Championships.

Causes I Care About: NICA.

Why Tifosi?: I have used Tifosi since I first started riding and haven’t found anything better.

Jasmin WelterJasmin WelterJasmin Welter
Jasmin Welter

Jasmin Welter


Max Aitchison WeyrickMax Aitchison WeyrickMax Aitchison Weyrick
Max Aitchison Weyrick

Max Aitchison Weyrick


Hometown: Athens, GA