summer staycation

For many of us our vacation plans have been disrupted, throwing us into the truest meaning of “staycation.” While we will miss seeing new places and visiting with our extended families, there is a silver lining… money saved, relaxed planning, better sleep (nothing like your own bed), and no packing! Here are some ideas on how to make your yard a fun summer staycation and a place to enjoy some activities with your people!

To Relax:

Make some living spaces outside. An inviting seating area to eat and converse is a necessity. Add some candles, plants, and cushions for comfort and ambiance! Enos and hammocks make a nice spot to nap or read. Afterall, what could be more relaxing than throwing on a pair of shades, kicking your feet up, and sipping on an icy drink?! Looking for a cool drink idea? Then check out this frozen tropical mocktail that will make you feel like you are lounging on the beach!

Kids and adults love a picnic, so change it up and throw out a large blanket under a tree or on the lawn. Bring the whole spread of food or just a snack. There is something about stretching out on the ground while communing with your loved ones that makes you feel like you have gotten away from it all!

To Play:

Break out the badminton, volleyball, or croquet set and get a game of family-friendly competition going! The kids will love it and the adults can show off some skills they forgot they had! Setting up a backyard putting hole is another way to while away the afternoon and hone in on your golf game.

Obstacle courses provide loads of fun and great exercise. The courses can be tailored to any skill/age level. Items around the home are perfect for setting up temporary courses. Jump ropes, chalk, buckets, balls, bikes, cones, hula hoops, and pool noodles are some things you might have lying around and can get creative with.

Sidewalk chalk is a tried and true form of inexpensive entertainment. Get those creative juices flowing and have a chalk drawing contest. Assign participants the same image (think popsicle, beach scene, or flower) and let the kids become dusty little Picassos! Hopscotch and four square can also be sketched out for some good old fashion fun!

Another activity that encourages imagination and pretend play is building fairy gardens. These are miniature gardens that children find enchanting. Natural elements from your yard can be used- pebbles for paths, leaves and bark for beds, moss for carpet, and sticks for houses. You can also purchase tiny furniture and accessories at plant nurseries and online.

If the sun is turning up the heat, break out some water entertainment. Sprinklers, water balloons, kiddie pools, and splash mats are a great way to cool off. Adding a small water feature to your yard, like a fountain or bird bath, is meditative and entertaining. The birds will love it and so will you!

Let’s turn lemons into lemonade and enjoy a glass in our backyard sanctuaries. Happy summer!

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