Why I Trust Tifosi Optics by Grady Fowler

The Dirty Kanza right around the corner!  Some may be considering all types of strategies from tire size to nutrition.  But one thing I considered before the 2017 DK200 was how important eye protection is and how if I’m going to be on my bike all day I need to find sunglasses that will handle all conditions and are comfortable.  I then turned to Tifosi optics I found that at a great price I had all options I could think about in one place!

Many forget that in long races like the DK you start in the dark and finish in the dark.  Tifosi Optics has just about every lens and frame style you could imagine.  It is just as important to protect you eyes in the dark as well as that bright sun.  So what did I do?  I decided to go with a lens… yes one that could do all.  My weapon of choice was the Tifosi Podium XC Fototec.  They were amazing I literally forgot that the were even on my head!  I put them on in the dark as clear lenses and they seamlessly adjusted to accommodate for the brutal sun that day.
All I wear now is Tifosi Optics because they are of super high quality and design in which is a must for anyone who is living an active life style or just wants to find that particular set of glasses that makes ya look great!!!

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One comment on “Why I Trust Tifosi Optics – Sunglasses That Handle All Conditions

  1. Claire Barnes

    I am very particular about my eyewear which I expect to protect me from the elements as well as allow me to see better in sun or cloudy conditions. I love my new Tifosi Veloce with Fototec sunglasses. They fit like a T and I love how they transition in light or dark. They are so light I hardly know they are there. I like that I have the option to interchange the lenses. I will wear them with horseback riding and feel confident that they won’t fall off….I might fall off my horse but my glasses will stay on!