Tifosi Optics introduces the CRIT with the Golf / Tennis and Extreme Contrast interchangeable lens pack – designed to revolutionize player perception on the golf course.  With exclusive technology engineered to amplify every aspect of one’s round, the GT / EC lens pack is an absolute necessity from tee box to green.

The GT lens is perfect for play in full sun conditions. Sporting a contrast enhancing green tint and a 16.4% light transmission range, players will no longer have to combat the sun after teeing off. The GT lens was crafted specifically to aid golfers in keeping their eye on the ball from take off to landing. A player can now spend less time spotting their lie and more time plotting their approach.

The EC lens is essential to a strong finish on the green. Undulations and breaks can often be unpredictable and difficult to read correctly, making the faintest unnoticed ridge a devastating gamechanger. Distinctly designed for accurate reads, the EC lens is an invaluable tool for both the hobbyist and professional golfer. With a 39.1% light transmission range, the EC lens is perfect for tailoring one’s perception to combat the complications of the final stroke.

Both the Extreme Contrast and Golf / Tennis lenses are made out of shatterproof polycarbonate and are offered in a variety of Tifosi Interchange models in our golf sunglasses collection.

The CRIT with GT / EC lens pack retails for $69.95 and is backed by a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.



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