Tifosi Optics products may be covered by one or more U.S. patents. Below are U.S. patents associated with Tifosi products.

Model Name Applicable U.S. Patent Number(s)
Jet USD 673,205S
Jet FC USD 673,205S
Seek USD 673,599S
Seek FC USD 673,599S
Podium USD 674,432S, US8613515
Podium S USD 674,432S, US8613515
Podium XC USD 674,432S, US8613515
Wisp USD 646,318S
Slip USD 653,278S
Duro USD 697,548S
Dolomite 2.0 USD 697,963S
Radius USD 700,930S
Radius FC USD 700,930S
Tifosi Pro SFH US8613515
Tifosi Pro HS US8613515
Tifosi Pro FH US8613515
Tifosi Pro SF US8613515